Sunday, 23 March 2008

It Makes You Wonder...

A 29 year old mentally disabled woman was tortured to death.

She was pregnant.

Her captors beat and abused her and they stole her money. The woman, Dorothy Dixon, faced this abuse from several captors, including a 12 year old boy, and the daughter of the woman who abused her the most, who was 15.

My own opinion at this time is that I wish that the captors could face the same treatment as they treated this poor woman, who has left behind a 1 year old boy.

Unfortunately that cannot happen because it is an abuse of the human rights of these sub human people.

Right now is Easter, the most important time in the whole of Christianity.

It is when Jesus died for our sins on the cross.

For those who know anything about me it is that I am agnostic, so this religious bent is perfectly fine for me.

At this time I really wonder if Jesus died for everyone's sins, including people like Michelle Riley.

In a way it saddens me to think that Jesus probably did.

He forgave people who sinned and helped those who needed to be helped. Unfortunately there is nothing there that talks about him forgiving a sadistic murderer.

I really wonder if he would have.

It is situations like this that make me wish that there is some form of afterlife, complete with punishments for those that do such evil like torture people who cannot defend themselves and steal their money, for they would have a welcome place in the pits of hell.

This is where using the Bible gives me contradicting ideas. Should I think of them in ways that they have shown how they would like to be treated, or should I think of them in ways that I would like to be treated? Or should I, like everyone who shows outrage over what happened in the US, try to turn the other cheek and forgive them?

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thefrothyblog said...

I think only God can forgive them. You can hate them all you want, and I think you should. I certainly do. Look at a picture of that poor lady. She had the mind of a child, and did not have the ability to get herself and her baby out of that situation. He is in the hospital now getting medical treatment and getting fed properly. Pray he remembers none of this. What they did to her, I don't know how they could hurt this innocent woman as they did and still sleep at night. It pains me. Why wasn't social services checking on this pregnant, helpless woman and her infant? Where were they?