Thursday, 20 March 2008

Fun With The Government

Had to go to the Transport Department today to get my provisional drivers license renewed.

I knew that in October 2005 that they had changed the way the system worked but I didn't really know if I was affected. The reason why will be explained.

So I go into the branch and wait in a long queue, surprisingly for a government office all the tellers were open.

All five of them.

Anyway, get to the teller and I am told:

"You are aware that this is a renewal for a P1 drivers license?"

And she explains the thing to me she then asks:

"Do you know about the hazard perception test?"

My reply:

"I've heard about a hazard perception test, but I don't really know what it is about."

(To speed it up I will use B for Bureaucrat and W for Wildy)

B: Well you go and pay $25 and take a test to get your P2 license. You should have been told this when you got your license.
W: No?
B: I know it was a long time ago (It was about 2 years) so you probably might not remember.
W: Nah
B: Well you should have been given a book when you got your license.
W: Nah
B: I'll go get you one

She gets me a book

W: I would have thought that they (The Government) would have inundated me in mail
B: (Paraphrased) No you see they didn't really make that clear to the people who were affected.
W: Oh

And the relevant conversation ends.

So now after paying $40 to get my license renewed I'll now have to part with $25 more to pay for this perception test.

At least the book was free.

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