Wednesday, 30 April 2008

ITK Blocker a Cure For AIDS?

Well no actually, but it is a catchy title.

According to the BBC, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (A pdf can be found here) reported that it has been found that blocking the ITK protein causes a decrease in HIV replication. Here is a better page from MedPage Today.

In really simple terms what they have found is that blocking ITK can slow down the progression of the virus in quite a few ways:

  1. Impedes infection
  2. Slows down replication

Clearly it doesn't stop HIV from being transmitted but it sure screws things up for the virus.

If you want a Numb3rs-type analogy I would say think of your own but make sure that it has zombies in it.

Apparently the effect that it has on us is just a slowed immune response, but we are not completely harmless.

But it does show a change in the way we are thinking of combating HIV. Instead of trying to kill the virus itself, which mutates quickly and is slowly becoming immune to the drugs, we are looking for ways to make our own bodies a rather hard place for it to survive. Such a drug that could block ITK production in T cells would mean that instead of developing drugs to combat viral infections we develop drugs that make it harder for viruses to infect you in the first place.

Think of the benefits, although we do need more testing to see how adverse the side effects could be.

Microblog 4

After the graph craziness of the last few days (263 visits on April 26) things have quietened down now, so I'm pleased to announce a return to your regular programming.

Friday, 25 April 2008

German Talis, The Face Of 9/11 CTs

It's all over the blogosphere.

Well maybe it isn't.

It sort of is.

Anyway. Some guy from We Are Change called German Talis, (why?) is now sort of the new face of the 9/11 "truth" movement.

He decided to beat a girl, Maureen Lovetro who has cerebral palsy who was in a wheelchair.

And if you don't like the New York Post, then why not take a look at this smaller article from (sigh) Fox.

By the sounds of it the reason the girl was beaten up was because Talis was told to shut up by the parents, and probably also because the girl was a fan of the First Lady.

I'm going to be blunt here. This guy is a prick.


I mean he was already a git to begin with because he is stupid enough to believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy but beating up a girl? And in a wheelchair of all things?

The "truthers" have decided to stand behind this cowardly person. Especially since Talis doesn't seem to have the balls to pick on someone that could actually beat him, like say, the father of the girl.

Even Alex Jones is asking for lawyers to help this guy.

So this is what the "truth" movement has come to now? Attacking helpless girls and heckling people? But I thank you "truth" movement. Now there is even more evidence why people shouldn't join you. You guys are idiots and protect people who bash helpless girls.


As long as this doesn't happen. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Microblog 3

The one comment from my last post from an anonymous "truther":

"Bla bLa blA then you mUsT beLIEVE bUilDing commITTed Suicide."

Monday, 21 April 2008

When a "Truther" Posts a Wall of Text...

This is what I read:

Don't you know blah blah blah Popular Mechanics blah blah blah shills?

Blah blah blah Chertoff blah blah blah cousins blah blah blah government infiltration blah blah blah Popular Mechanics blah blah blah paid by government blah blah blah Jews blah blah blah phone calls blah blah blah no planes blah blah blah (quote from guy at Ground Zero using a simile) blah blah blah that's proof blah blah blah neo-cons blah blah blah you're wrong blah blah blah (more c&p stuff) blah blah blah watch Zeitgeist blah blah blah watch Loose Change blah blah blah watch this youtube video blah blah blah Operation Northwoods blah blah blah Pearl Harbor was a false flag blah blah blah Mossad blah blah blah Zionists blah blah blah No Jews at towers blah blah blah no evidence blah blah blah Arabs with boxcutters blah blah blah hijack planes blah blah blah three towers fell on 9/11 blah blah blah WTC 7 blah blah blah never happened before blah blah blah must have been controlled demolition blah blah blah fires never destroyed a building before blah blah blah steel building blah blah blah the Twin Towers blah blah blah obligatory bold text blah blah blah Obligatory underlined text blah blah blah OBLIGATORY CAPS blah blah blah OBLIGATORY BOLDED CAPS blah blah blah pyroclastic flow blah blah blah no plane at Shanksville blah blah blah missile hit pentagon blah blah blah Silverstein blah blah blah JEW blah blah blah $6 billion dollars blah blah blah "pull it" blah blah blah more bold text blah blah blah ask questions blah blah blah do research blah blah blah mainstream media in on it blah blah blah NYPD in on it blah blah blah FDNY in on it blah blah blah two lines blah blah blah isolated fires blah blah blah hijackers in strip clubs blah blah blah space beams blah blah blah nanothermite blah blah blah thermate blah blah blah therm*te blah blah blah micronukes blah blah blah bombs blah blah blah A) blah blah blah B) blah blah blah C) Bombs blah blah blah nothing else blah blah blah you are paid by the government blah blah blah more toss blah blah blah (quote mine) more proof blah blah blah (mangled quote from debunker) (snide comment) blah blah blah five phenomena that I have "explained" fully blah blah blah obligatory red text blah blah blah obligatory blue text blah blah blah obligatory magenta text blah blah blah OBLIGATORY GIANT BOLDED CAPS TEXT blah blah blah (picture of WTC 2 dust) blah blah blah concrete core blah blah blah C4 coated rebar blah blah blah concrete is a better storage medium for RDX then mylar blah blah blah about 10 years means it will last for 40 blah blah blah cognitive distorition blah blah blah you support secret murder.

It also has a giant font sized version, but that would take up too much space. And you could always extent it to an ALL CAPS VERSION AS WELL, or maybe have some searing colours as well.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Microblog 2

Why is it that after working properly for such a long time, the greasemonkey scripts that I have for trackbacks have now decided to screw up and obscure my post writing field?

Some Excellent News Regarding Expelled.

There is some excellent news regarding the propaganda piece Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Rotten Tomatoes has the film at 9%, and even the "fresh" reviews have complaints about the use of holocaust imagery.

Add that to all the bad reviews that Expelled Exposed has and you can see one of those films that virtually all the critics hate.

Unfortunately from what I understand about films is that usually when a critic says "this film sucks" you can probably find 100 normal people who really liked it.

The plus side is that I don't see this film breaking box office records any time soon, especially if they go to the international market, where virtually nobody would want to see this film.

That's assuming that they don't lose everything since they didn't get permission from Yoko Ono to use John Lennon's song "Imagine".


If there are twoofers, does that mean they use pwoof?


The idea seems like a good one. I can update my blog with small things that I can't write a proper post for, and it lets people know that I am still logging.\

It will also let me pad out the silliness tags since that is really what random humour is.

My first one will be posted right after this one.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Save xenutv1

Mark Bunker's Youtube channel, xenutv1, has been taken down.

Scientology decided that the Jason Beghe interview (a news story about Beghe leaving is here). Bunker would have been posting the video interview he had with Beghe on youtube soon.

Now that might not happen because Bunker, I'm guessing, has been suspended over "hate speech" because he decided to use the internet to spread his message which shows Scientology as it actually is, instead of the sanitised version that they want to show us.

If THE WOG BLOG is right, then hopefully even my email which was bounced by the spam filter for some reason is having an effect.

Hopefully we will see a repeat of the VenomfangX incident, where he was suspended for posting a bunch of anti-Islam videos, which really showed what a racist guy he was, where a concerted effort by Youtube users who believe in free speech chose to stand up for the rights of this racist person and get him back on Youtube. Except that instead of a racist guy, we are supporting an Emmy Award winning journalist.

Scientology is afraid, because the internet has become what Radio Free Europe, or even West Berlin, was for Communism. Scientology is trying to control the net so they can appear to be a "peace-loving, helpful religion" when in fact they are a power-hungry, subversive, totalitarian cult.

All I hope is that Scientology will, through their actions, get themselves another entry in their already long list in Operation Foot Bullet.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

A Comparison of Some Games

Yep. That's right. It's a game related post.

It's also biased.

The games in question are Mafia (also known as Mafia: City of Lost Heaven), Grand Theft Auto III: San Andreas (because it's the newest one that you can get on PC), and The Godfather: The Game.

All the games are similar in style, except that unlike the other two games Mafia's storyline is not the same sandbox style as the others. It's also got the lowest minimum (or even recommended) system requirements.

To start though, the games are set chronologically, Mafia, 1930 - 1938 (with an epilogue around the 50's), The Godfather 1945 - 50 (with a prologue in 1936), and GTA:SA in 1992.

GTA:SA would be by far the largest (by perception) of the three games, with Godfather, being set in New York and part of New Jersey (obviously) and Mafia in the fictional city of Lost Heaven and surrounds (or New Chicago, or Chicagork, it's something of a mix of the two) and GTA:SA set in the fictional state of San Andreas, which contains three major cities and 12 towns.

There was one problem with the size and layout of the map. It was somewhat annoying to go from Las Venturas to Los Santos and by crossing over a bridge go from desert to green countryside. You just didn't get the feeling that you were in such a big place.

The Godfather has the best character design, with a program called "Mobface" which allows you to make your own character. And this character is called 'X' because you can name him. Take that CJ, or Tommy Angelo (GTA:SA and Mafia respectively). The skill upgrades are a little worse then GTA:SA, because instead of you working out, or practising various skills, you select them from a "upgrade your skills" page. Mafia doesn't even give you this option for reasons to be explained later.

Moving on to vehicles. GTA:SA lets you use cars, motorcycles, planes, boats, helicopters, and a few odd and outrageous items. Mafia and The Godfather don't. It's cars or walking, or in the case of Mafia public transport. Yep, you can go onto a train, or a trolley bus and not have to worry about driving or getting a car. Although it's more of a pleasure to drive around in Mafia, because even with the "lower" graphics (actually the correct answer is "superior") the cars are rendered beautifully, and move as a car in that era would, from 1920's cars that look like Model T's to powerful V12's in the later stage of the game. GTA:SA cars are ok, but I was rather disappointed by the driving in The Godfather, the cars were not as nice as in Mafia and they drove like the cars in GTA:SA. The Car damage is the best in Mafia, with bullet holes and dents, and the other two were mediocre at best considering the requirement for better graphics cards.

The fighting systems are all over the place. Mafia and GTA:SA are very similar, aim and shoot (or lock on and shoot in the case of GTA:SA), but The Godfather, that was something. There was a lock-on system (which you could disable and aim normally) but the lock on system was called "Black Hand" (they love their mob related names) (which I believe they improved on in the Wii version) which allowed you to grab your opponent, slam them into things, use powerful punches or quick ones, and there was an execute function as well, perfect for the violence lovers.

As a side note one that I liked was the most common one I encountered, where 'X' puts his opponent in a headlock and throws the guys legs around, snapping his neck. The Godfather offers something like 22 different execution styles including a pistol execution, garrotting, choking, throwing a person off a bridge, throwing people into furnaces, the hit list missions give you more respect if you do away with the person in the specific method.

The only real plus that I can think of for Mafia was that the guns were programmed to shoot as they would in real life, the most interesting is the 1928 Thompson (Tommy Gun) which they correctly showed its major initial flaw, it would rise up as you fired it. The Godfather had a system where you could target non-major body parts (hands, feet, knees, shoulders) so you could disable opponents, or intimidate business owners.

Now we come to the most important bits, storyline and music. The music is rather easy to discuss, Mafia, had period style music playing in the city regardless of you being in a vehicle or not (no radios in cars then folks), The Godfather would have music from the film playing whenever you got into a car. GTA:SA had radio stations playing music from the late 80's early 90's on most of the stations, a talk radio station (which was my favourite) and some earlier stuff on the other ones.

The storylines are the most interesting. Mafia could have been a movie. Honestly. They wrote a script and stuck with it. It even has morals and you may even empathise with Tommy. The lack of a sandbox in story mode is because the story is basically told in flashbacks, so things like boats causing the drawbridge to go up and actions of characters are programmed into the levels, which gives you a much better feeling of being in a big city. GTA:SA centres on the return of CJ to San Andreas, and what he does to make his gang control Los Santos, while starting up business ventures in Las Venturas and San Fierro. The Godfather is about revenge and taking control of New York.

Overall, (and this is where the bias plays into it) the best game is Mafia,
the The Godfather, and the GTA:SA. The reasoning behind it is that when I played Mafia, I got a taste of something different to the GTA series. You had to think more, you didn't have the demi-god invincibility (sometimes it was one shot that would make it game over) and you had to watch out for the cops for small things like speeding or running red lights. The other games didn't have such things and made the games far easier to play.

Monday, 14 April 2008

You Feeling Lucky Punk?

Well, do ya?

You've got two choices.

One 'll take ya to a safe page that gives you propaganda from CoS. The other 'll take ya to something similar but unsafe.

You've got to ask yourself the question; do I feel lucky?

Is it:

This one


This one?

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Zimbabwe Elections

I'm certain that we have all heard something about Zimbabwe recently. The recent elections have no official results and people are suspecting Zanu-PF (Mugabe's party) of fishy things.

The BBC has reported that the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is challenging a recount order by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

Now the recount seems a bit funny doesn't it?

Zanu-PF loses the lower house and the ZEC decides to be elusive with the results and now ask for this recount.

It isn't really fair to say "They are rigging the vote", I'll wait until the recount shows that the MDC doesn't have control of the house for that.

Until that time I'll just assume that they are, because the ZEC is acting strange.

However if there is one thing that I understand, it is that until Mugabe decides to stop blaming westerners, or even white people, (especially if this is anything to go by) and just accept the fact that the only person who screwed up Zimbabwe is Robert Gabriel Mugabe. A man who seems to be so up himself that he believes that white people are the cause of Zimbabwe's economic woes.

All I wonder is what will happen if he is declared the new President. Will the Zimbabweans rise up in protest in a similar way the people of that African country that I can't think of at the moment did? Or will they have to wait until Mugabe dies, and Zanu-PF probably falls apart?

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Silly Creationists

Well, I think I will start with a conclusion here:

Creationists. I would like to point out to you here that just because one of your own (Kent Hovind, CSE) doesn't claim copyright on his material doesn't mean that everyone else does. There are things called laws, and no matter what you think, you can't disregard them at your leasure.

Well, we now return to a more regular format.

Over on Panda's Thumb they posed the question about whether the public would be able to see that awful attempt at a propaganda film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

I haven't had the chance to see the film because I haven't bothered to see if someone has placed an illegal copy up on a torrent site, and also because I am not in the US, but from what I have heard, it clearly is no Triumph of the Will (which is considered to be the greatest propaganda film ever).

Oh, and apologies to the estate of Leni Riefenstahl for making the comparison between the two films.

Anyway. It had been reported by PZ Myers that the Expelled people had nicked an animation from Harvard, changed the colours around and call it their own.

Well today things have changed.

Now, ERV (a blog that I will read more of), and Threads from Henry's Web (ditto), have talked about this already but I will as well.

ERV has a copy of the letter, and NSCE has a fancy copy.

XVIVO, the people who had made the Harvard animation, have sent a letter in which they claim that the Expelled people have nicked their stuff.

Now, I don't know how important this segment is to their film, but it would certainly cause some hassle I guess. If it was one of the most important things then I guess that nobody will be able to see the film because it wouldn't make any sense at all. If not, they might just put some more quote mined Dawkins, or maybe something about PZ being evil.

[Please see the start of the post for the gripping conclusion]

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Scientology Stuff PLUS, Website Review: Scientology Myths

It's a post chocka block full of Scientology goodness. So watch out for engrams, and strap your thetans in for this wild ride through the world of Scientology.

Firstly, according to Anon SA the theme for the next raid will be known as Operation Reconnect. I'm quite sure that Scientology already knows this considering their rather pervasive presence on the internet in regards to this.

Secondly, take a look at this from thunderf00t:

I hope that you enjoyed watching it. I know I did.

Thirdly, I found that Ex-Scientology Kids has a wall of shame.

By the way, if you haven't already, please check out some of the stories from ex-Scientologists but preferably after you have read this post, I still have more to say.

Anyway, the wall of shame links to a site called Scientology Myths (which is apparently a front site, and I can see why, and you will too without losing most of your IQ).

But to be fair the homepage does say the following:

" wants to find answers to the questions that are being asked all over the internet about Scientology, Scientologists, the Church and L. Ron Hubbard. Our goal is to find answers from independent sources, not only from Church of Scientology owned sites or anti-Scientology sites either. We pull our information mainly from court documents and other neutral sources and lay out the information for you to come to your own conclusions."
So they want you to think of them as another Operation Clambake but they fail. Unless they want you to find answers without any impartiality at all, then they succeed quite well.

This is the Scientology Myths page on Anonymous.

The very first thing they mention on their "Anonymous" page is a link to the Wikipedia article on hate crimes. If you can be bothered to read the article at all, you will find the "seedy origins" of Anonymous, mentions of bomb and death threats, and take this little gem:

"One could say that Anonymous fails to clean its ranks from psychos and criminals but - without morals to protect it and cowardice as “party line” - is actually actively supporting terrorist activities."

So in other words, a decentralised organisation with no membership requirements, no member lists, and limited knowledge of who is a member of the organisation is supposed to have strong centralised leadership, membership requirements, member lists and the ability to check criminal and medical records?


And then they provide the Scientology Propaganda Video that "details" "death threats" against Scientology members by "Anonymous".

I've mentioned it many times before, but Anonymous provides the same protection as you would get with login names/forum names/avatars etc. on the internet.

And the other thing is that all the links provided support CoS. There is no evidence provided that supports Anonymous or even details what Anonymous is and does. Not even a Wikipedia link.

The Clambake section provides more evidence of the inherent bias in this site, and also shows a poor grasp of biology.

The Lisa McPherson page.

Ultimately can be summed up by:

"Some corrupt individuals tried to profit from the death of this girl and make a lot of noise about it. That's why you know about it."

The entire page supports Scientology, but they don't seem to mention some of the other things, like say Lisa being bitten by cockroaches.

But as evidence they supply the death certificate. I'll raise them some autopsy photos (WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK, PEOPLE OF CERTAIN FAITHS, OR MINORS). As a side note, the blemishes on her back and the underside of her legs/arms is caused by livor mortis, where the blood has settled to the lowest parts of her body.

Now based on the pictures and the rather large number of wounds on her body, it seems rather odd to ignore this evidence and make it look like she was in a livid mental state.

On internet censorship. All you get is a quote from Scientology (this I would suggest you read, note the blatant hypocrisy) a mention of Operation Clambake (at least I think it is) with a pro-Scientology spin on it.

Operation Foot Bullet from Operation Clambake has a mention of it as well.

And you get a lovely link to the DCMA from the Scientology Myths site as well.

To close I will leave you with one last page. The page on Freezone.

Especially this snippet:

"Freezones are not religious in nature, they are money making ventures, originally started by Captain Bill Robertson."

So when the Freezoners were talking about keeping the tech free, they actually meant that you should charge people for it?

Or how about this (same page):

"I understand the largest Freezone group is in Germany, which makes sense, since Germany is well behind the curve in supporting religious freedom."

Because it doesn't count when it isn't your religion that is being practised right?

Oh wait, I forgot this.


"The "Cult of Greed" statement very much false. The Internal Revenue Service agrees that the Church of Scientology is not a for-profit organization."

I'm quite sure you can claim to be a non-profit organisation while actually being a for-profit organisation. It all comes down to what you show them, and who you blackmail.

It's good that someone, somewhere has mentioned to ESK, and probably other websites about this one, although it was quite clear anyway when you read certain pages that there is an inherent, and clear bias, on this site.

At least Operation Clambake provides links to Scientology sources.