Thursday, 27 March 2008

Are They Getting Stupider?

I've stayed out of the PZ Myers getting kicked out of the Expelled screening while Richard Dawkins got in, but now I have more of an opinion rather then "Silly Creationists, you're acting like hypocrites".

Panda's Thumb reports that Uncommon Descent has added their own Argument from Ignorance to the whole thing.

Apparently you are not allowed to use identification which does not have your actual name on it.

This is actually assuming that Dawkins was actually registered at all. Or that he "sneaked" into a private screening.

Panda's Thumb once again shows us that the people who supposedly knows what is going on don't. Unless a public website that you can RSVP to is actually some ruse to get people to sign up to a movie that they might not be allowed to go to...

Now here is where I would like to point to many, many sites that point out that PZ was in the right but I fear that I will lose my train of thought, instead I'll let you read it from the pen (How can it hold a pen?) of a PZ Myers.

Now if you haven't bothered reading the UcD blog. I would say that the funniest part has to be:

"Dawkins was fully aware he was sneaking into a private screening to which he wasn’t invited and attempted to hide his presence by using his legal first name in the registration."


So if I were to say go to his Wikipedia page and look at what is immediately on the screen will I find that his first name is Clinton?


Did you know that he was born in Nairobi?

And that he holds the Charles Simonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science?

Not going to well at the moment...

What's this bolded text at the start of the article?

Clinton Richard Dawkins

Well I'll be, it is.

And the point of that rather pointless set of words that will grace the infinite internet until it blows up or I decide to delete it?

Well it's like complaining that someone used their legal first name by registering with their legal first name. I would have at least thought if there was such a problem with using your first name instead of the name you use more often there would be some law preventing you from using your actual name.

I wonder if J.E.B. Stuart ever had that problem?

Random Guy: "Uh, you're not on the list"
J.E.B. Stuart: "Yes I am, I'm right there" *points out name on list*
Random Guy: "No, that's for Jeb Stuart, the General. This says 'James Ewell Brown Stuart'"
J.E.B. Stuart: "I implore you, the name I pointed out is me"
Random Guy: "Please leave before I call the police"

It only gets stupider from here.

I could write one about L. Ron Hubbard (the "L" stands for "Lafayette")

Why is it that if it was supposedly a "private" screening that PZ Myers family, Dawkins and and assorted other group of people that were accompanying them were allowed in?

Must be a selective definition of "private" which probably means something along the lines of "Not public, as in people who appear in the movie they are trying to get in to can't enter but everyone and their dog can".

So in the end we come down to two possibilities:

1. Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers are scheming lying people who sneaked into a private screening of Expelled for mischievous purposes.


2. The whole ID Movement is now in damage control because they royally screwed up and acted rather hypocritically considering their view that mainstream science supposedly censors their proponents but their actions at this one screening managed to get a story in The New York Times, and are trying to find a way to discredit the people involved who don't support their viewpoint.

I'll let you decide.

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