Saturday, 15 March 2008

Today in Adelaide

There was an Anonymous protest.

I was in the area at the time.

For the record I'm not saying that I wasn't not there on Waymouth St. not protesting Scientology.

But CoS did film the proceedings, not very subtly either. I'm sure that if they just stood outside doing it they would have had something much funnier to watch. Anonymous, although faceless, is very photogenic.

Even though I was in the area I didn't make the photo gallery on the Advertiser Website.

But I will be on Scieno-cam.

All that I will say about that is:

Obvious Camera is Obvious


You're on Scieno Camera

I wonder how the protests in other parts of the world are going/have been or will be?

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Podblack said...

Well, there's been quite a few reports in fact. If you watched the TANK Vodcast before it became the Skeptic Zone (and you can search for it on YouTube) - you could have seen the reports done in Sydney and by Australian Karen Stollznow in San Fran.

By the way - doing the Australian Skeptics conference that's in your town? You seemed to dismiss the post by Richard on JREF about it, but as a blogger who seems keenly interested, you might as well take up the opportunity. :)