Thursday, 13 March 2008

Australian Un-Chaser Activities Commission

So there is going to be a hearing after the Chaser's APEC stunt.

For those that forgot or wish to see it again:

Now I agree with that caller to that talk-back show. I think that they should rot in jail (or gaol, both are acceptable in Australian English).

Now the truth is that I think that these hearings are a joke. All the the government is trying to do (even though it is the Rudd Government now) is show face after their proudly toted security (which cost a ridiculous amount of money, did they ask for a refund?) failed miserably.

I know they technically broke the law but I don't think that they should go to gaol (see?). They really need a medal of some sort.

If you watched that video then you can rest assured, knowing that our RSL's are safe.

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