Thursday, 10 April 2008

Silly Creationists

Well, I think I will start with a conclusion here:

Creationists. I would like to point out to you here that just because one of your own (Kent Hovind, CSE) doesn't claim copyright on his material doesn't mean that everyone else does. There are things called laws, and no matter what you think, you can't disregard them at your leasure.

Well, we now return to a more regular format.

Over on Panda's Thumb they posed the question about whether the public would be able to see that awful attempt at a propaganda film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

I haven't had the chance to see the film because I haven't bothered to see if someone has placed an illegal copy up on a torrent site, and also because I am not in the US, but from what I have heard, it clearly is no Triumph of the Will (which is considered to be the greatest propaganda film ever).

Oh, and apologies to the estate of Leni Riefenstahl for making the comparison between the two films.

Anyway. It had been reported by PZ Myers that the Expelled people had nicked an animation from Harvard, changed the colours around and call it their own.

Well today things have changed.

Now, ERV (a blog that I will read more of), and Threads from Henry's Web (ditto), have talked about this already but I will as well.

ERV has a copy of the letter, and NSCE has a fancy copy.

XVIVO, the people who had made the Harvard animation, have sent a letter in which they claim that the Expelled people have nicked their stuff.

Now, I don't know how important this segment is to their film, but it would certainly cause some hassle I guess. If it was one of the most important things then I guess that nobody will be able to see the film because it wouldn't make any sense at all. If not, they might just put some more quote mined Dawkins, or maybe something about PZ being evil.

[Please see the start of the post for the gripping conclusion]

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