Friday, 18 April 2008

Save xenutv1

Mark Bunker's Youtube channel, xenutv1, has been taken down.

Scientology decided that the Jason Beghe interview (a news story about Beghe leaving is here). Bunker would have been posting the video interview he had with Beghe on youtube soon.

Now that might not happen because Bunker, I'm guessing, has been suspended over "hate speech" because he decided to use the internet to spread his message which shows Scientology as it actually is, instead of the sanitised version that they want to show us.

If THE WOG BLOG is right, then hopefully even my email which was bounced by the spam filter for some reason is having an effect.

Hopefully we will see a repeat of the VenomfangX incident, where he was suspended for posting a bunch of anti-Islam videos, which really showed what a racist guy he was, where a concerted effort by Youtube users who believe in free speech chose to stand up for the rights of this racist person and get him back on Youtube. Except that instead of a racist guy, we are supporting an Emmy Award winning journalist.

Scientology is afraid, because the internet has become what Radio Free Europe, or even West Berlin, was for Communism. Scientology is trying to control the net so they can appear to be a "peace-loving, helpful religion" when in fact they are a power-hungry, subversive, totalitarian cult.

All I hope is that Scientology will, through their actions, get themselves another entry in their already long list in Operation Foot Bullet.

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