Thursday, 24 January 2008

Tired of 9/11 Truthers?

It gets annoying arguing with "Truthers". You spend all this time trying to show them where they are wrong and all they do is ignore you, or insult you, or create threads that attack you, or just argue in circles.

Half the time they just get pissed off at you if you look at the evidence, or have looked at the evidence, and haven't come up with their conclusion and the rest of the time they just ignore what you have to say.

All that I can see of the truth movement is that it is just a small bunch of fundamentalists who are either in too deep, can't see where they are wrong, refuse to admit that they are wrong, or are just really really stupid.

Us debunkers spend so much time arguing with these people, mainly because at this point in time we don't want fence-sitters to join the ranks of the stupid. That is all that these "Truthers" are, stupid.

Now I am pretty sure that when I post this thread, I will get a whole lot of posts attacking me and simultaneously presenting these people as the "innocent victim being oppressed by the evil debunker", even though they have their own thread that I am basing this on attacking us.

They live in a world of lies, hypocrisy, and giving their money to people (who in their right mind needs to buy a pack of 10 LCFC DVDs? You only need one and it's just under 1/10th the price of the 10 pack) who are clearly exploiting the stupidity of these people.

Even in that thread linked to above, the debunkers have to defend themselves from a torrent of ad hominem attacks their favourite tactic after their strawmen fail, which they always do.

Truthers are liars, fools, equivocators, clearly paranoid, and prefer stupidity to actually thinking. You can't claim to be "protecting democracy" when you willingly state that if you take over you will kill us for speaking out against you. Nor can you say that if you say that you will subject Bush and Cheney to a rigged trial so you can kill them. That is equivocation, it's the same thing as claiming that there are FEMA death camps but when you take over you will fill death camps with debunkers.

You can't claim that we are suppressing free speech just because we oppose what you say.

That is what free speech is. If I take a position contrary to your own it's because I don't think your position is a viable one. It doesn't mean that I am a government shill, or paid by the US government, or paid by Myspace or News Corporation (who own Myspace). Do you think that these people give a shit about what you think on this issue?

Besides, regardless of what you think most people don't believe what you say. Sure you can point to prisonplanet articles which manage to misinterpret poll results in such a blindingly obvious way that you can tell that the person who wrote the "article" must have an IQ of a plant of some sort (sorry to plants there).

On top of that there is this whole thing on ignoring evidence. Congratulations have to go out to the truth movement here. They have managed to become the Creationists of Conspiracy Theories. "Truthers" have shown themselves to be intellectually dishonest again and again, I can't think of any other CT that uses as much quote mining as the 9/11 CTs. I can't think of any other CT that willingly distorts what witnesses have said or given undue weight on the people who support whatever idea it is that the particular "truther" is trying to argue.

Why don't they go and learn about science and the scientific method. As we know in this thing called "science" we have a bunch of rules and stuff that we follow quite rigidly. One of them is finding conclusions based on the evidence. We don't come up with a conclusion and then cherry pick evidence to support our idea.

Cherry picking, which a certain poster does here willingly and has admitted it is wrong. It doesn't matter what your intent is, however "noble", it is still wrong. But then again truthers seem to enjoy this double standard of complaining loudly if they even suspect us of cherry picking but see no problem in doing it themselves.

The entire "Truth" movement is based on lies and doublethink. The doublethink has been shown above. The lies are pretty much anything that they say apart from the following words: "an", "the", "a", "and", "lies". Most conjunctions lead to lies. Adjectives lead to lies, nouns lead to lies, verbs lead to lies.

At this point the only thing that I can think of coming from a "truther" regarding the truth is that the Myspace editor thing isn't the best. That's it. It's not even part of the bloody argument.

I, like most debunkers, have accepted the fact that these people are too dimwitted to understand what actually happened. I am pretty sure that we would gladly leave these armchair geniuses alone if they would stay on their specifically designed "Truther" only CT site and not venture beyond there, arguing among themselves until they can come up with some coherent theory that they all believe in (specifically the MIHOPpers) before venturing out into the world.

Now to await the barrage of insults from the "truthers"...

What you see above is an OP I created for a Myspace thread. It becomes rather obvious in this rant where I stop addressing the debunkers and start addressing the "truthers". If you want to see what the truthers say to me, click here.

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steverino said...

Any suggestions how to effectively argue with Truthers to get through their stubborn skulls?-Steve