Friday, 4 January 2008


I am really confused.

I have been arguing over at Freedom Crows Nest for a short time and I am now on someone's ignore list.

The thing is that the guy is a CT.

Now if I was someone who is continuously added to ignore lists then I would say that I have just made a new record. As far as I know I have only crossed posts once with this guy (he ignored me after replying to me).

For the purposes of posterity I will post his reply to me here. Basically his post was saying 'debunkers don't "study" and should'. I asked whether that meant just going to CT sources because I wanted to know what he meant by "study". He replied:

'Buy study I mean listening to members of the US military FBI NSA and others you retarded fuck

Print Audio and Video

go find it brainiac if you are so clever and intelligent

but you are not ..see that is the problem .. You are not capable .

I'm not getting sucked into these time wasting exercises any more

added to Ignore .

So apart from not allowing me a right of reply when I do get one (he attacked me personally this time, and by doing this has removed that which annoys me) he has caused me to be confused.

Should I be sad or happy that I have been added to his ignore list?

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