Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Daily Show with Jason Ross

First off, I don't care if the title is wrong, especially since it's now A Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

If you want to believe what the writers think (as if we care about those guys? Oh right, the strike...) it's Not The Daily Show, With Some Writer.

If you miss The Daily Show and want to understand why those evil writers, who want a residual of 8¢ instead of 4¢ per DVD sold, and 2.5% of the distributors gross for new media sales, are stopping you from watching that show that is like Sex and the City is from a book by the same author of Sex and the City and isn't like Sex and the City apparently because there are only three women instead of four or stopping you from watching Law and Order etc. then this is the video for you. Classic format, silly jokes, that stupidly ubiquitous "Leave Britney Alone" kid and A BILLION DOLLARS!!!

Since we all know that it doesn't take writers to write a show so people will upload it on Youtube so you can and then sue for a billion dollars, because the writers are worthless.

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