Saturday, 2 May 2009

Media Watch Calls Out Peter Popoff

For those that aren't in Australia, Media Watch is a show on the ABC (the government station) that basically spends its time pointing out breaches in broadcasting regulations and also silly things some times.

This week they did a segment on Peter Popoff and his "miracle water" scam. (side note, I know in the past that sometimes ABC websites aren't accessible to non-Australians, so just in case I'll put up a youtube or other video site link when I find it.)

Basically the problem is that he might be misleading, but since nobody actually knows whether he's actually breaking a regulation means that it's difficult to determine whether he's done anything wrong.

This is because Channel 9 haven't stated whether he's paid for the timeslots or not. So if it's actually a programme it falls under a different body then if it was actually an ad.

The plus side is that he's on at a time when nobody watches them. Like all the other religious programmes on the commercial stations.

I did learn something new though. Apparently the Sandgropers have done some good. They have a whole page on their website ScamNet dedicated to him. So good on you Sandgropers. I, a Croweater, salute you.

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