Wednesday, 27 May 2009

If I Badmouth Australia Do I Get $31 Million Too?

Some background for non-Australians.

Telstra, the former government owned telecommunication company over here, used to be run by a man called Sol Trujillo. I don't know if he did a good job at all, because I don't really care about Telstra.

All I do know is that during his reign is that it seemed like their quality of service went down the toilet, like the share price.

Added to that was the small thing of Trujillo getting rather large amounts of money when as far as everyone could tell, he didn't actually do anything.

Apparently he's sad now because those big mean Australians were apparently racist.

Meh. Of all the criticism that I ever read regarding him, not one of the things would classify as "racist".

For example:
In the interview, Mr Trujillo cited Australia's "very restrictive" immigration policies and rigid rules on company privatisation as his evidence for the nation being backward and racist.
Yes, you read that right, because we don't just let any old person into the country we're racist. So to not be racist we would have to remove immigration laws?

And we're backward because we don't subscribe to US values regarding government and business. Gotcha.

You know, I frankly don't care if he was Hispanic. I'm not going to remember him for that.

But he got $31 million for his troubles. On top of all the money that he got destroying the share price of Telstra.

If I was to leave and say "Australia is backwards and full of racists" will someone give me $31 million too?

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