Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Losing Power

Things aren't going well in Zimbabwe it seems.

The BBC reported that the current government has kicked out Care International, an aid organisation for supposedly handing out political pamphlets and denying aid to non-MDC supporters.

Well, that certainly doesn't sound paranoid does it?

I think the government wants people to get some 500 000 people angry at the MDC for "cutting off their aid" and vote for the government. I really hope that it goes the other way.

But I think what we see here is a perfect example of the paranoia that a group of people find when they become used to holding power. They are doing everything they can to ensure that they can still pull the strings by keeping Mugabe in power, even though they don't have the house.

I hope that at the end of June all this manipulation will be found to have been useless as they lose anyway.

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