Sunday, 18 May 2008

How Can People Be So Stupid?

I don't really understand it.

All of a sudden there are these mobile phone companies who are selling "love calculators". They must do some pretty good business to be able to con people into paying up to AU$5 a message for something that is complete rubbish.

I saw one commercial while watching The Simpsons which was offering a "love calculator" a "cheat calculator" (conspiracy theorists eat your hearts out, it isn't a government that is spying on you, it's these companies), and a "flirt calculator".

All based on your name.

But I guess there are stupid people who will do these things and take it seriously, even though there is no science, or anything whatsoever behind these.

There is one strange thing that I have noticed though.

Channel 7 was stupid enough to air Scrubs at some ridiculous timeslot (11:30 ish) which is about the time you get to watch the sex line ads and there were also these "calculator" ads. I don't remember seeing them any earlier.

Ok, they were crap but at least they used the word "numerology" or "astrology" so you knew what kind of crap you were getting, but these new ones don't.

I feel sorry for the parent who has their kid on a proper plan instead of pre-paid and has to pay the bill.

But I guess it isn't that hard to part fools from their money, and also why didn't I think of doing this?

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orphia_nay said...

There must be plenty of stupid people, because I've seen three different companies advertising a "love calculator" on TV, and not after 9.30 either.

Either that, or the phone companies are desperate.

Maybe lots of teens who don't know better buy into this crap.