Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Answer Is: ID

Well I'm more then a week late but I'm going to talk about this anyway, namely because I forgot about it when I first saw it.

If you remember the Beware the Believers Video, then you should also remember the discussion that went on about who actually made the video.

The answer is below:

Well then, I'm still a bit cautious of this video, I mean who would call themselves "clods"?

But that's good that they call themselves that, as well as "IDiotic".

Because the first step in curing your problem is admitting that you have one to begin with.

But I can think of a few things that they could have added and had to choose which one to cross out and still look stupid:

Intellectually honest

Copyright upholders

Competent editors

Can you think of more?

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