Saturday, 2 February 2008

Never Understood, Never Will Understand

I never really understood certain things about blogging, except for one thing. Some people use it as a diary. They post thoughts and feelings and stuff like that and basically act like open books.

The few times on my old blog when I did that was at a time when I knew that people didn't really care what I had to say.

Now I am at the situation where people do care. The problem I face now is that I have things that I want to say, but they are things that I don't want people to know. I can't really make it a private thing because that wasn't really what this blog is about. And I see no point in wasting space on Blogger or any other blogging site on a blog that I would update even less then this one.

I don't like wearing my heart on my sleeve but at times I wonder if I should.

(PS, as you can see one of the tags is "silliness" there is a dual meaning there, but the more obvious one is that I usually tag my posts with either "musings" or "silliness" or sometimes both)

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