Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Anonymous v. Scientology

I've actually been a little lazy in regards to this. Project Chanology has been going on for quite a while now, on Sunday there were protests.

I was expecting there to be something about it in the newspaper on Monday because the Scientology office thingy (they have a fancy name for it) is only a few metres away from the Advertiser building.

And there was. And here is a gallery of various people in masks.

I would have gone but I had to go to work on that day. And I didn't have a mask.

For those that don't know Project Chanology has its roots back in early 2008, when someone decided to post some Scientology videos of Tom Cruise getting some fancy medal of valour thing.

Gawker.com posted the video and kept it up there even after being threatened with a lawsuit.

Anonymous took offence and started bombarding Scientology with some rather childish stuff and a controversial DDoS attack on their website, which people like Andreas Heldal-Lund denounced.

After that they decided to hold protests, be more peaceful, and that is what they did.

Operation Clambake did quite well when it came to posters. I think that it is because it is pretty much the place to go to learn about CoS.

According to The Advertiser 150 people showed up, so that is 50 less then in Melbourne and the same amount as Sydney, but as a percentage of population represents 0.01% of Adelaideans
compared to 0.0036%, 0.0056%, 0.0020% 0.0027% of Sydneysiders, Melbournians, Brisbournians and Perthites (Perth based on the higher number).

Apart from allowing me to say that Adelaide did better as a percentage of population then the other Australian cities, there is another reason for me to say this.

CoS called Anonymous "cyber-terrorists" and they also said (from The Advertiser, the story has already been linked to):

"Anonymous is perpetrating religious hate crimes against Churches of Scientology and individual Scientologists for no other reason than religious bigotry"

This is the hypocritical statement of the _____.

A little interactive fun. Choose what you think fits the blank best:

  1. Month
  2. Year
  3. Decade
  4. Century
  5. Millennia
  6. Since Time Began
  7. Since Xenu Convinced the Galactic Council That Forceful Movement of a Certain Percentage of the Population for the Purposes of Reducing Overpopulation by Killing them on Earth Was A Good Idea.
(Also I don't think hypocritical fits there, what should that word be?)

But then again Scientology considers any negative criticism to be an attack, and the people who do it to be criminals and religious bigots. Picketing CoS buildings is not a religious hate crime. I would ask them how it is but I am certain that they wouldn't give a straight answer or any answer at all.

So what should you do against an organisation which has stolen government documents that were negative to the organisation, tried to drive a critic to suicide, just because she wrote a book critical to CoS, destroy families (if you can only read one link, make it this one), continue to cry persecution when they aren't considered a religion, and continue to this day ruin the lives of people branded SP (suppressive person)?

What they want is to be able to do all this, on top of scamming people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and not want us to stand up and do anything about it. Well you know what Church of Scientology? You can't attack people who disagree with you and then cry foul when people do something that is far less violent or damaging then what you do. Google may have removed the googlebomb on dangerous cult but you know what, you basically are even with your religious status in Australia.

Besides, have you guys ever thought that maybe we like our engrams?

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