Thursday, 14 February 2008

Another Post on Scientology

The JREF forum has a few Scientologists. Recently one of them has mentioned that he has been on the receiving end of abuse because of his religion.

That is one problem with Anonymous. It suffers in real life from the same thing that you find on internet forums. People can say far more insulting things when they don't know where you are or even who you are.

The problem is that there are times where you can't really separate the religion from the person. This is something of a different case. The idea of Project Chanology, like any criticism that has been dealt against Scientology, is usually not against the religion itself, but against the actions of the organisation that is Scientology.

My proof?

Go on a little journey and learn about the Freezoners.

They are basically the Scientology version of the initial Protestants.

They had a problem with certain practises of the Church of Scientology and basically broke away. They follow Scientology principles like a Scientologist but one of their tenets is that it will be free.

They allow criticism of what they do and don't really care about it. In Germany they are pretty much free to do as they will because they obey the law and don't act in a manner that is contrary to democracy.

Compare that to the Church of Scientology, an organisation known for breaking the law (Operation Snow White), being a vexatious litigant by suing people to destroy them financially, libel and slander against SPs, and even blackmail. They cry persecution when they don't get things their way, but willingly persecute people who disagree with what they say and do, cry abuse against the mental health organisation but abuse their own through the RPF (here is a good article to read about this) and you can't say that Lisa McPherson wasn't abused.

The actions of CoS are hypocritical and manipulate freedoms that the law gives us to their advantage but willingly deny people of their rights, by censoring speech when it doesn't suit them.

An organisation that tries to destroy their critics (Operation Freakout for example) deserves to be picketed. The problem is that the only way to do this effectively is to be anonymous, which opens the door to abuse from the people who don't really deserve it, low org members and Public Scientologists.

The real people who deserve to be on the end of this abuse are either safely away from any protesters in their million dollar mansions (I mean proper higher ups, not celebrities) or are there filming the protests, recording the phone calls, and writing the press releases (the OSA) and also the SO who control the organisation.

They are the ones who should suffer, but don't, and the ones who suffer, shouldn't.

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