Saturday, 25 August 2007

A Review

Just to ruin my lovely long post I will post a review of a novella that I have just finished reading. So just skip down to the next post.

The story is called Stuart Pivar v. Seed Media Group LLC and Paul Z Myers and can be found in PDF format here. It is the first in the "Crackpot" series of books by the current author, the United States District Court Southern District of New York, with help from the lawyers of Stuart Pivar.

Although only 10 pages long the reader will be taken on an emotional ride of apathy, confusion, happiness, sadness and fear.

There are some funny points where the book makes reference to real facts that are distorted to represent a fantasy life of a man who feels that he has been screwed over by another and decides to sue the other and his organisation for US$15 million.

At this stage we have the opening, where the man has submitted his complaint to the court system to get the other man to shut up.

He puts forth pretend anxiety to the court so that he may get some sort of pity but then demands that if he wins that the other man will have his mouth sewn so that he may never criticise anyone ever again.

As you move through the tale you will need to look up some supplementary material which is available free off the web. Just google for it, or look on other posts here.

From a plot perspective the tale is rather bland, and contains a bias towards the character called 'Plaintiff' but I suspect that any further books in the series will be more balanced.

Overall I would give this book two stars, it just doesn't stand up on it's own.

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