Thursday, 30 August 2007

News on the Frivolous Front

If you remember the lawsuit that PZ Myers was going to go through then you should also know that nothing will happen. Through common sense and the pressure of Peter Irons in pointing out pretty much all the deficiencies in the suit.

So Pivar has dropped the suit and apparently Mr. Little, Pivar's laywer, is threatening to sue Irons for some silly reason.

All I can say is congratulations PZ Myers.

I guess that since this battle is over we should probably look at the damages for both parties:

PZ Myers
  • Probably down a few dollars in legal fees
  • Gained more readers (I know I have started reading his blog more)
  • Held and holds the morale high ground
  • Is still an excellent blogger
  • Has increased the usage of the word "crackpot"

  • Most likely lost more money on a lawyer that doesn't seem to be very good
  • Has now managed to get himself laughed at by the entire internet
  • Would not have sold any copies of his book
  • Quit the suit in a really wimpy way
  • Will most likely now be known as "crackpot" for ever and ever

So as we can see PZ Myers clearly won this battle nearly all his points that are there are good ones, so we can give him +4. Pivar on the other hand has many negative points (you can see the bias...) so he gets -5. So the difference is 9, which would be say, an 'Epic Victory', in a complete and arbitrary point of view.

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