Saturday, 25 August 2007

Iraq Blogs

The BBC has an updated Iraqi Blogs page.

Two blogs hit me after reading their profiles.

The first is called Days of My Life and is from a young girl who goes by the name of Sunshine, who lives in Mosul.

I have started reading through the archives, and I cannot think of anything to say at the moment. The post that I am up to at this time I think may be one referring to the Battle of Mosul which really seems to reflect the Coalition's ability to achieve an indecisive result.

The thing that I see in reading these entries is that she does not seem to give up hope. At least that is what I am reading now.

The second one that I will start reading more of is called Last of Iraqis. I have only read the little excerpt from the BBC but it sounds like another interesting thing to read.

If you will excuse me I have some reading to do...

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