Saturday, 21 February 2009

WBC, Hatred and the Victorian Bushfires

I should have been more detailed in my research, and I would have found what I wanted.

When I wrote this post I had initially wanted to see what the Westboro Baptist Church had to say and compare that to what Danny Nalliah had to say.

Turns out he's coming to Australia. I'm guessing that he would have already arrived by now so he can be nice and fresh for the picket tomorrow, on the national day of mourning.

Don't believe me, read their press release.

This just infuriates me. I think that I am lucky that I'll be in Adelaide while they are wherever the hell they happen to be, which is Melbourne.

I found a website too, God Hates Australia, part of the "God hates the world" portal thingy. As far as I can tell it does belong to the WBC, the link to the American one is exactly the same as the link from the main WBC site.

It's funny how religious people can boil down the fires into "God's punishment for X" or "God's punishment against X". To Catch The Fire Ministries it's abortion that God killed all those people for, but to WBC it's homosexuals.

If God hated abortion then why weren't the fires only affecting places where abortions can be given "Pastor" Nalliah, and if the fires were, as you claim Phelps, God's hatred of homosexuals then why didn't it affect areas that are known for homosexuality instead of just some vast swathe of Victoria?

And these people wonder why they are criticised so harshly.

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