Monday, 9 February 2009

Victorian Bushfires

130 dead according to the ABC the number has gone down from the 135 reported by the BBC.

Thousands of people have lost their homes or are injured.

The news stated that a man has been charged for allegedly starting some of the fires.

I honestly believe that if a person in Victoria deliberately set one fire in the state that they have the blood of 130 people on their hands. They forced the CFA to divert their attention from other fires to deal with ones set by people who what? Enjoy seeing the suffering of their fellow human beings? Some perverse cry for attention?

I feel no sympathy for such people, nor would I feel sad if such a person had something bad happen to him.

However it's not all nature and arsonists. Stupid people are also to blame.

Cars have ashtrays for a reason. You also put cigarette butts in there so you don't have to throw them out of the car. Clearly we have a subset of the population who are too bloody stupid to put two and two together, or don't like cigarette butts messing up their ashtrays.

And then you see fires like the one in Bendigo.

All because some prick decided that the dry ground on a day with a Total Fire Ban was a far safer place to chuck a cigarette butt then put it in an ashtray. It isn't like an ashtray is an optional extra for your car or anything.

I really feel for the people affected by the fires. Some have lost all their possessions, others have lost family and friends. I hope people take a good hard look at themselves before they go and throw cigarette butts out of cars, or deliberately start fires, and think of the possibly consequences.

But this is Australia. They won't because they honestly don't give a shit do they?

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