Saturday, 22 December 2007

Torture and Terrorism

Two days ago the BBC reported that they had found a torture chamber in Iraq.

It was used by insurgents to ensure that the civilian population would remain under their control. By the sounds of it all that has happened is that finally gaining control of Anbar province has done nothing but move the terrorists elsewhere.

In this case they moved to Diyala province and set up shop there.

The article clearly states that the people knew about it but were afraid to tell anyone.

If the Americans were wise they should do as much as possible to prevent any attacks going on here because it would send a good sign out to the rest of the people. Knowing that they will actually work to protect you is a good thing to encourage.

And moving from terrorism abroad to alleged terrorism at home. A magistrate has allowed a control order for David Hicks. So now he is like Jack Thomas, except that he sort of admitted it so he could get out of GITMO.

There is a funny thing regarding David Hicks. I don't know how many people actually consider him guilty. He basically pled out in the US military commissions, but considering that he was there for 5-6 years in a situation that seems to have violated the Geneva Conventions, I think that some people think that his motives were to get him out of there.

I remember that on the Chaser, Reucassel said that he pled "anything to get him out of there".

When it comes to a torture chamber you get a situation that is far clearer then you do with someone who is convicted of terrorism in this day and age.

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