Monday, 24 December 2007

Congratulations Are In Order

I think we should all stand and toast Israel.

They are building settlements even though they promised not to.

So, on behalf of the entire world that doesn't want this whole problem. Congratuations.

You have now given the militants another reason to continue trying to wipe your country of the map. But please, don't continue to listen to what the world would like you to do, continue to piss off the Palestinians and radicals, just don't start playing the victim when the world condemns you for the excessive use of force that you will use to collectively punish the Palestinian people.

One thing does seem quite obvious. If Israel stopped acting like stupid gits in regard to this whole thing we might find that peace works out so much easier because it would help break this vicious cycle that seems to occur in the region.

Alternatively if this is all about religion, then maybe we should hand Israel over to say China and then there would be no Holy Land for anyone.

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