Saturday, 1 September 2007

"Theistic Evolution" Part 1

On Myspace there is a guy who has a site on what he calls "theistic evolution". His works are here.

That is all well and good except when you look at what he does.

He interprets the bible using modern ideas and terms, which is not what the Bible is going on about and uses scientific diagrams to support his interpretation and the bible.

For example the image on the left.

Now I am sorry to say that the original image, without the coloured writing and the scripture quotes was found by me as evidence against his argument.

Now what he was trying to argue goes along these lines (the source is here):

Gen. 5:4 And the days of Adam, (Ramapithecus Man), after he had begotten Seth, (Australopithecus anamensis), were eight hundred (thousand) years: and he begat (Ramapithecian) sons and daughters:

Gen. 5:5 And all the days that Adam, (Ramapithecus Man), lived were nine hundred and thirty (thousand) years: and he died.

Which is clearly wrong. He claims that Ramapithecus is the start of the human race. The problem lies with the current theory, that Ramapithecus is in fact a female example of Sivapithecus, and is an ancestor to the Orang-utan.

The second problem with his argument is that if you grab, or look online for, a copy of the bible you will see that it was a direct line sort of thing. Where the names have been placed is wrong even if there was some realism in this argument.

Lines that just end do not create the other line.

The final problem with the whole thing is that it hits a lot closer to home scientifically then Creationism or ID could ever do, but we aren't trying to stop it now, before it catches on.

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