Thursday, 6 September 2007

APEC - A Very Funny Moment

I just heard this on the news.

It doesn't have to do with the White House misspelling many, many places in Australia, or people from the Socialist Party getting pulled over by the Police.

No, it has to do with The Chaser's War On Everything (or if you watched yesterday The Chaser's W On Everything) (I also don't know if this link works from other countries).

Yesterday they came back on television but they might now be down two members.

In on of the best things that could ever happen some members of the Chaser might face 6 Months jail.

Why is this good?

Well, you know how the Government went on and on about all this good security that they will have to protect all the dignitaries?

Well the Chaser managed to get 10 metres away from the hotel that President Bush was staying in.

Now according to the 10 news bulletin that I just saw, they managed to get in by pretending to be Canadians.

They got black vehicles like most of the motorcades, the drivers were dressed in black suits, they had flags on the cars, and they had official looking stickers on the windscreens.

And they were waved through by two sets of police.

And now Julian and Chas are now forbidden to go anywhere near a restricted APEC zone for APEC.

I hope this doesn't count to the areas that Chas sealed off in Melbourne for APEC...

Anyway, the irony about this is that later on they showed police checking manhole covers, stormwater drains and underneath cars for bombs.

They honestly should be glad that it was the Chaser and not some terrorists doing this. It is nearly perfect, if it was terrorists they could have filled the cars with explosives driven to their target and then detonated them.

So I guess the Sydney Police should be happy because they have been shown a gaping hole in their security even though they have serious egg on their faces.

Sadly though I wish the Chaser were successful, because Chas was dressed as Osama Bin Laden, (the police confiscated the beard), could you imagine President Bush's face when Osama appears and says "George" or something like that...

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