Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Juliar Gillard?

So Labor decided to implement a carbon tax. Oh no the world is going to end. Yep, soon we'll see our mining industry sent overseas because it'll be cheaper to mine Australian uranium in China or something.

So of course our leader is now being called "Juliar Gillard" by some people. Stupid people.

To call her that shows such an ignorance of pretty much everything to do with politics at all. Maybe the tax is a stupid idea, maybe it isn't, but in this sense it's beside the point.

The whole "Gillard is a liar" thing is the stupid bit.

It's clear that the whole carbon tax thing is a concession to the Greens. And the reason has nothing to do with saving the Earth, or at least appearing to. It's simply political. By saying that they are going to introduce a carbon tax it ensures that the Greens will support Labor, and that support is actually pretty crucial.

In July the new Senate will convene and the balance of power will change from Xenophon and Family First to the Greens. For Labor to pass legislation they would have to deal with other parties, and the Greens are the logical choice.

So of course Gillard had to come up with some sort of incentive to get them to side with her and proposed this carbon tax. By the looks of it the Greens are happy and Gillard will have an easier time running the country.

I think people must forget that we have a hung parliament and a Senate that can be potentially hostile when they go about calling Gillard "Juliar". A situation like this is one where you need to do quite a bit of politicking to get things done. Would these same people be complaining if Abbott had won and declared that the Liberal government would be implementing such a tax?

Would these people be saying that it's fine politicking from the Liberals or would they be just as vitriolic?

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