Thursday, 3 June 2010

Westall conspiracy

If conspiracy theorists have taught me anything it's that there are no coincidences.

I saw an ad on TV for some show on Sci Fi about the Westall UFO, and what happens to be this week's Skeptoid? That's right, the Westall UFO.

Clearly this means that Brian Dunning is being paid by Sci Fi to get people to search for the UFO and learn about the show since there is no other explanation.

Now to go cash my cheques from Sci Fi and Big Pseudoscience...

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Maynard . said...

Or it could be that I noticed in the program listings the show was coming up and contacted a number of people with different opinions on the event.

Thus putting their thoughts into the public domain in time for any debate over the show.

AND my cheque hasn't cleared yet.