Thursday, 9 April 2009


I was listening to a song (see the end of this post) and it got me thinking.

Lucifer, apart from being a saint which I just learned about, is commonly tied with Satan, the Devil, also known as the Prince of Darkness.

Although the latter does raise questions as who the King of Darkness the better question is why would you tie a name that means "Bringer of Light" with someone who people consider to be the "Prince of Darkness"?

Light is commonly used in Western culture at least (So I don't know about the use in other cultures, so sue me) as a representation of the "forces of good", and as a bringer of truth and also knowledge (The Enlightenment anyone?). So why the name "Lucifer" for a being that is supposed to spread lies and make us dumb?

I'm sorry but it's illogical, unless it's supposed to be the other way around.

Based on some modern day social controversies, such as evolution vs. creationism, or stem cell research, it appears that there are far more religious proponents on the side that would slow down, or even stop, humanity from learning new things, new enlightenments.

It does seem that religion wants to keep us in darkness, make us live in a world of superstition and monsters, to keep us down and hold us back.

Perhaps then the name is apt, for the enemy of someone who wants to keep us in darkness would be one that brings us light.

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