Thursday, 6 November 2008

Interesting Developments

Firstly, I have to apologise to Robert Lancaster and his wife for this post. I've been a bit naughty.

I've been looking at the blog that has appeared, replacing the excellent Sylvia Browne articles written by Robert Lancaster.

As we all know, Robert Lancaster's website, Stop Sylvia Browne has been taken over by someone.

That's right. I now have no clue as to who owns the website. According to the site, it now supposedly belongs to a bloke called Matt.

See, as far as I can tell this Matt clearly isn't Boris Kreiman.

As a side, the linked page says that Kreiman has been accused of taking anabolic steroids. Clearly I don't know what they do, since Kreiman is a chess player. I mean I'd understand if it was say, chess boxing, but chess???


This person is asking (I'm trying out the "nofollow" html, so I hope it works, unless Blogger is already using it, then it would be a bit redundant.) for people to submit evidence of readings whether successful or not.

Sounds like this has never been done before right?

Oh wait, just take a look at this Sylvia Browne related link.


Robert Lancaster has tried to get people to provide examples of readings being successful.

Doesn't seem to have worked at present.

Well the comments are interesting, there is somebody there called "Mike" who is claiming that Stop Sylvia Browne is biased against Sylvia Browne.

He also suggests that people who support Sylvia Browne should link to that site.

I think that if they want to support her they should link to say Go Sylvia Browne. Yep, there already is a site dedicated to supporting Sylvia Browne.

The one thing that I'm assuming will happen is that what once was Stop Sylvia Browne will turn into a pro-SB site.

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