Thursday, 16 October 2008

America: Land of Scientific Humour

That's what Texas seems to have made the US recently. I thank Panda's Thumb for this snippet of humour.

This newspaper blog thingy said that the Texas State Board of Education decided to put a few creationists on the board.

PZ Meyers has, on his blog, a list of the people on the board.

And that's not including the head of the board who is a dentist and an IDiot.

I don't know if he will be on that panel but if he is then the voting will go 3-4 pro ID all the time.

Well barring conflicts of interest (like two of the ID guys having a book that they might use this opportunity to get into the curriculum), it is something of a joke.

When it comes to science standards I would like people who currently accept all mainstream scientific theories to determine them.

This is like having a committee on medical practices where a majority of the committee are "alternative medicine" people.

ID fails in science. And it fails hard.

It might be a fallacy but I'm saying that my analogy would be apt.

At least (according to the newspaper blog thingy) there are groups that are pissed off about it. They called them idealogues, and that is what they are. I guess the dentist IDiot can't find enough IDiots in his home state because he had to get some non-Texans for this board.

I wonder what exactly that says about Texas?

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