Thursday, 11 September 2008

An Open Message To 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

Dear "Truthers",

As you know today is September 11, or as you guys would know it 9/11. Today is the day when we remember 2998 people who died as a direct result of the attacks, 6000+ people who were injured, and the first responders who are currently ill, or dying, from lung diseases due to the poor air quality after the towers fell.

Nationals from over 90 countries totalling 327 people died on that day as well.

Project 2996 has made a list of all the people who died including where they are from.

All this because a fundamentalist Islamic organisation called Al Qaeda decided that the best way for people to follow what they believe is the "right" religion, and that their variant of that religion is the "correct" one.

Unfortunately for the last seven years there have been a bunch of people who call themselves the "9/11 Truth Movement" who have spent their time going about claiming that "9/11 was an inside job".

You go about claiming "thermite" or "thermate" or "silent explosives".
You go about claiming "space beams", "C4 coated rebar" or "holographic planes"
You go about claiming "missiles hit everything", "north of CITGO" and other ridiculous things.

There are even members of your group who claim that the people on the planes are still alive.

You willingly spout lies about the US Government, and you don't seem to care.

When you spout these "theories" you aren't a "patriot". You aren't a "hero". You are pathetic. All the evidence is there that shows who did it. There is even the admission by the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, that it was his organisation that pulled off the attacks.

But instead of that you just sit in your towers built of ignorance and lies, going "there's no way that Arabs in caves with boxcutters could have done it".

You go on and on about "the laws of physics being violated" while showing an utter ignorance of what the laws of physics are.

Do you honestly think that going about shouting "9/11 was an inside job" is going to make masses of people rally to your "cause"?

Do you honestly think that buying 10 copies of "Loose Change" or any of that crap they sell on "Prisonplanet" is going to help?

The obvious answer is no. You have had seven years to prove your case, and each time you have failed utterly.

You now go around spending your time pissing on the graves of the passengers of the planes, the members of the NYPD, and the Port Authority Police, the members of the FDNY, and children. And for what, because you don't seem to like your government.
You have had seven years to make your case and yet you have no evidence of it at all.

So I leave you with this:

Just shut the fuck up. Seriously. Just shut the fuck up.




Anonymous said...

You are truly a lost soul, and you or anybody will not silence the truth whether you believe it or not. You my friend have been duped and now trumpet that very deception.

j03808 said...

Hey, guy posting anonymously? Fuck you. If you don't have the balls to even put a name on your self-serving, unscientific, condescending bullshit, then just keep your fucking mouth shut.

And Wildy? Well said. Know that you have plenty of supporters, and that we're smarter than these mouth-breathers are.