Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Quackery for Perverts.

A woman died on 2003 after taking an "alternative" treatment for cancer.

For some reason it only came out now.

The "doctor" mentioned in the article, a Lubo Bitelco, gave her "ozone treatment".

That stuff is already bullshit, but the things that caught me were the statements:

He promised her a "50 per cent cure" after giving her a treatment known as "vaginal blowing" during which she had to move up and down on the bed saying "Oh, Boy", Mrs O'Donnell said.


"Shannon . . . told me he had an album of women patients whom he photographed nude, and she had advised Lubo she would not be photographed nude while being treated," Mrs O'Donnell said.

Thus the title of the thread.

I personally think, and this is my own opinion and only my opinion, that this guy used the guise of "alternative medicine" to make women do sexual acts under the guise of getting "healed", not to mention getting a few nude photos of these women.

So I might not agree with Ms. O'Donnell with regards to her health choices, which saw her die a month after taking the "treatment", but I do agree with her standing up to this guy.

Even wise though they don't actually know if it was the ozone or the cancer that killed her, which is annoying because as far as I know the laws here regarding so called "alternative medicine" are somewhat similar to the US, but I think I will close with this statement, that I agree with completely:

Meanwhile, the Australian Traditional Medicine Society told the committee it would like to see all bogus doctors "named and shamed".

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